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"Reliable and with an eye for detail. Carpet Cleaners has been cleaning my house for years." (Betty)


James L. Clark

Lenexa, KS




November 2, 2012

Re: Larry Wilson’s Carpet Cleaning / Restoration Service


To Whom It May Concern:

Larry has been cleaning carpets at an apartment property that I own for some time now.

When he first came and looked at the carpets and gave me his price I thought it was high as his price was some 25% higher than I had been paying for the work. However, he assured me his system would not only clean my carpets but would also recondition them to look nearly new. Being from Missouri I was skeptical until he “showed me”.

Though the carpet was some 6-7 years old and hadn’t been cleaned for sometime, Larry made the carpets look like new. The tenant who was moving in to the apartment had seen the unit a week earlier and thought I installed new carpeting! Larry’s service may seam a little more expensive but the results are certainly worth it.

Should you have any questions, feel free to give me a call.


James (Jim) Clark

Apartments at 706 north Thornton

Richmond, Mo.

Message: Larry 
  Just wanted to leave you a testimonial expressing my
appreciation for
the awesome job you did. The carpet was the last step in preparation for
moving in to our new home, and you not only did a great job
cleaning the
carpet but stretched them to make it look like new.
Name: Jeromey

More testimony : Some Renters wait too long.

Dirty Carpet Not your normal dirty carpet. PS: That is kitty litter in the corner.
Clean Carpet Much cleaner

Understand: It takes a lot of rinsing for this much dirt. Too much in one visit would saturate the carpet leaving it too wet. A second cleaning would continue to improve this carpet.